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Plastic buckets in Russia

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Alians Upak produces and sells plastic cans and pails.

Russia , Moscow region   http://www.aliansupak.ru

We produce over 300 different varieties of containers for the filling industry. Furthermore, we are intensively advancing model developments not only in this field, but also in the field of bath fittings, office products and technical plastic components.

Russia , Moscow   http://www.jokey.ru

Plastic boxes, plastic cans, plastic containers, plastic buckets, containers for bulk materials, flexibles

Russia , Moscow   http://www.agropak.net

Komus Upakovka produces plastic containers for salads, cakes, desserts, etc.

Russia , Moscow   http://www.komus-upakovka.ru/

Russian leading producer or plastic container for food, cosmetic and chemical industries: round and oval buckets, cups, caniters, containers, bottles, exlusive

Russia , Saint-Petersburg   http://www.miru.ru

"Mystery" - is one of the leading Russian companies in the production and sale of disposable tableware and food packaging. More than 20 years engaged in the production of disposable utensils, food packaging items of tableware and plastic furnitu

Russia , Moscow   www.mystery.ru

Almost 25 years we produce plastic products. Perint was founded in 1987 year. Our customers - more than 400 companies all over Russia and the CIS. Today, we produce and sell more than 200 000 000 product units per year.

Russia , Saint-Petersburg   http://www.perint.ru/

Manufacture and sale of plastic container and packing

Russia , Moscow   http://www.9795599.ru/

DPO Plastic is one of the largest Russian polymer processors. Manufacture of rigid PVC films and PE films, injection molding production, PVC plastic, its own tool production. DPO Plastic offers plastic packages for pharmaceutical, food, electrical, petrol

Russia , Dzerzhinsk   http://www.dplast.ru/

Изготовление жесткой упаковки, литье на термопластавтоматах

Russia , Nizhny Novgorod   www.polymyr-nn.ru

Russia , Saint-Petersburg   www.tara.ru

Trial Market is the company which provides expendable materials: all range of disposable tableware, food containers, garbage bags, filling bags, expendable materials for office equipment, and other goods

Russia , Moscow   http://www.trial-market.ru/

Russia , Saint-Petersburg

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